Participants of The Vocational Rehabilitation Course 2007

Bhutan Weaving Instructor
Drak-Tsho Vocational Training Center for the Disabled (DVTCD)
Cambodia Team Representative
Watthan Artisans – Cambodia (WAC: Independent Cooperative of Artisans with Disabilities)
Indonesia Social Worker
Research and Development Division, National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC)
Kazakhstan Chairperson
SHYRAK the Disabled Women Association
Laos Database Manager / Outreach Officer
Lao Disabled People Association (LDPA)
Maldives Social Development Officer
Ministry of Higher Education, Employment and Social Security
Nepal Treasurer
Nepal Disabled Women Association
Pakistan Senior Instructor
Directorate General of Special Education, Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education
Philippines Manpower Development Officer I
Area I – Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Sri Lanka Social Service Officer
Department of Social Services, Central Province
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