Facilitator Skills Ⅱ

The participants were looking forward to the second two days session with Mr. Ikezumi. These two days, the participants facilitated 20 minutes sessions individually or in pairs. Topic was free but something that they wanted to discuss with this particular group of participants.

June 13

Maldives: What do you mean by Independent Living?

Cambodia & Nepal: Contribution of persons with disabilities to the country

Sri Lanka: Socialization of children with intellectual disabilities

Laos: Employment of persons with disabilities

June 14

Pakistan & Indonesia: To improve the policy for persons with disabilities

Kazakhstan & Bhutan: Counseling

Philippines: Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

Indonesia & Pakistan: Vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

So many different ways of facilitation were demonstrated today. At the end of the day, we took a group photo with Mr. Ikezumi, wishing to meet him again in one day.

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