Title of the Project: Skill training for Person with Disabilities.
Country: Ministry of Laboure and Human Resources, Department of Human Resources, Bhutan Date: 28/06/2006 Page
Goal/ Vision: –

  • We will be a vibrant institution that contributes to achieving the goals of Bhutan 2020 by enabling a world class
  • To support disabled children and youth in preparing them to lead independent, confident and happy lives by providing them with vocational training opportunities and non- formal education.
  • To create awareness and promote vocational skills to the Non disabilities and disabilities persons.
  • To provide relevant marketable vocational skills that would improve the income of the rural communities and self employment opportunity.
Objectives to be targeted:

  • By June 2007, 100 disabled persons will be employed in open- employment in Government, corporate and private sectors.
  • By June, 2007, 50 disabled persons will be engaged in self employment activities.
  • By June, 2007, all employers, both public and private will be more aware of disability issues and more people with disabilities will be employed in the open market.
Critical activity needed to achieve this objective. Who is responsible for monitoring and how? Who are the Partners? Resources needed Time line
1. Conduct training need assessment DHR DoE and Prefectural govt Manpower
2 weeks
2. Prepared training plan/proposal DHR -do- Stationeries 1 week
3. Get the approval from Ministry/ donor agency DHR DHR Financial 1 week
4. selection of training venue and date DHR/DoE DHR/DoE Classroom/workshop 1 week
5. Coordinate with Dzongkhag/ Prefectural to identify and invite participants. DHR Prefectural government Fax machine
1 week
6. Arrange and provide venue, food and lodging for participants. Dzongkha/ Prefectural DHR/DoE Food
7. Arrange training materials DHR Training Institutes Transportation  
8. Coordinate and organise training DHR/ DoE/ Prefectural Training Institutes Instructors
9. Promote an understanding of income generating concept in the community DHR/ DoE BCCI Career counseling experts  
10. Develop curriculum for the skill training. DHR/ DoE Training Institutes Curriculum experts  
11. Arrange tools and equipment for training. DHR Training Institutes Transportation  
12. Select trainers to conduct the training. DHR Training Institutes Instructors  
13. Undertake vocational guidance and counselling. DHR DoE/ BCCI Career counseling experts  
14. Promote self employment or Entrepreneurships DHR Department of employment/ BCCI Lecture/ classroom  
15. Conduct training DHR/ DoE Training Institutes Classroom/ workshop
16. Monitoring and evaluation DHR/Training Institutes DoE Transportation
17. Employment Do Employment RCSC    
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