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We are very happy that our JICA Web site is going to start on the 28th of March and hopelly we can get more information about JICA and the program that JICA have for this year.

We wonder is there any JICA program that we can join?One of my staf like to learn more about computer especially the technical computer and how to make a good website, can JICA help us?

Thank you verymuch, we looking forward to having massege from JICA

Best regards,

Pamikatsih Nugroho
(Leaders’ Course 1999)


Hello there!

I just want to congratulate the persons behind in the making of this web site!

I’m glad to read updates to my exjica friends….through communications I’m sure, persons with disabilities across the globe will be inspired to make the sector a worth living!

Ma. Teresa B. Udaundo 2002 trainee

Leaders of Presons With Disabilities


Dear friends in Jicafriends,


I hope this finds you well,

I am very much impressed by finding my name in jicafriends website, this website is a very good way to get information in various fields, and I thank you very much for such hard working.

Qaseem Wardak
(Rehabilitation Course 2004)


love from Palestine

Dear friends from all over the world:

My name is Imad Mhanna.I am one from the participants who joined the course of Vocational Rehabilitation and Workshops Managment in Japan 2003.I would like to thank JICA for its creation of this web site. It is a useful idea in many ways.It helps us to know about each other news.We can share information in the field of rehabilitation.It also give us the chance to communicate with each other more. Remember communication is a good method to know each other in order to live in peace and safe planet. This is the first time I have written in this web site.I feel very happy while I am writing.

Best Wishes Imad Mhanna

(Rehabilitation Course 2003)



Dear Friends,

I write to congratulate you the leaders for creating a web site. I promise to share with you my inventions as far as JICA is concerned. With I hope to publish my news.I was in Japan for the programme.


Your colleaque from Ghana, Michael Kweku Ocran.

(Leaders’Course 2004)


Dear friends,

Congratulations for the hard work you put into making the JICA website up and running! I have opened it twice and it is inspiring to see what everyone is doing.

Thank you so much for all the information you sent.

God bless JICA!

Adela Kono
(Leaders’ Course 1989)


Dear friends,

Its nice to be part of the family as ex-jica participants.Reading your letters remind me of my happy experience in japan and has become my inspiration to go working with our sector. Again thank you for the opportunity.

Mario F. Abaygar
from “Leadership Training 1992”


I wish to congratulate you on the launch of the very interesting and informative JICA Web Site.

Best regards.

Joseph Kwok
(Rehabilitation 1986)


I did the Leaders with Disability Course 1999. Since then I have done a Degree in Disability Studies at Ryserson University, Toronto Canada. My thesis was on community economic development projects. My next step is to create a diploma programme in Disability Studies to be offered at the University of Guyana. A first in the Caribbean region.

I applaud JICA on creating this website its a way for ex-participants to become reaccquainted with each other and to also make new friends. All success to everyone and I look forward to reading your postings.

KarenH Guyana

(Leaders’ Course 1999)


Congratulatory from grace, malaysia


Hello to everbody,

It was so great that the JICA Friends website was set to give the ex-participant to change the ideal & meet together. I’m so miss the time when I was in Japan. Time run so fast but I always remember all the friends & place I have been visit in Japan.

I’m miss all the friends in TIC & wish yours the best.

love Grace Liu from Malaysia
(Leaders of PwD 2003)


I am so happy to see the launch of this web site that can provide a good platform for exchanging our ideas on promoting the rehabilitation and welfare for people with disability. It also reminds me the good old days in Japan attending the JICA course.

I really wish to meet my old freinds, ieother participants of Leadership Course in 1995, as I am now the only one registered member from that course.


Charles ex-participant from Hong Kong

(Leaders’ Course 1995)


This is great thanks from Rukmagat Nyaupane and also thanks for opening the web site, i will do everything from my side in Nepal and about the web site i will circulate to all our related societies.

I expect that i will get the support and partnership to work in Nepal from JICA and JSRPD in the days to come.

Thanking you

Rukmagat Nyaupane President Nepal Society of the Disabled

(Leaders’ Course 2002)


I have visited the Jica Friends website and we extremely happy for the development. We can understand the troubles you have taken to complete such a huge task.

We will send you updates of our developments to uploading when the time permits.

We are very happy or the development.


Raja Senadeera MARASINGHE Chairperson Central Council of Disabled Persons

(Leaders’ Course 1989)



Hello to all of you. I’ m very happy with the new website jicafriends. It’s a good name. A very big hug to everyone.

Love, Veronica

(Leaders’ Course 2004)


Dear friends,

first of all, I’m happy of being part of this community. Isolated we are weak, united we can reach the stars!. Gambate Nihon! you have done it again.

I know this web site will be a great tool for us. I will post information about JICA project and about many other things of PwD in Chile.

Carlos Kaiser
from “Leaders of PwD 2003”

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