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General Greeting Cards

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Festival Cards


DIY Boxes

Currently, the sales of the cards and products are not enough to achieve the goals ofthe Employment Project. Due to the lack of a printing machine, we are not able to produce multiple varieties of cards as needed and not able to customize cards for the individual companies. We are not able to compete with large companies becausetheir cards are cheaper and have a more variety.

United Voice is currently employing 3 full time and 1 part time staff to manage the employment project. A United Voice member, a Slow Learner, is employed as an Assistant Project Coordinator and 3 other support staff (2 full time & 1 part time) to manage the Project. At the moment, 20% of profit from sales will go towards the costof support staff. Currently, United Voice has to raise about RM35,000 a year to maintain the staff cost to run this project. With the increase in profits, United Voice will be gradually relieved of concerns to raise enough funds to cover the labour cost of this project.

We need to diversify into another business which we can generate more profits. We have done research that name card is a profitable business to venture into. To begin name card production, we need to invest in a printer and name card cutter.

Printing name cards for companies can create more employment for PWLDs. We will employ more workers to operate the printing machine and do packing of the name cards.

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A) Fuji Xerox printer

Purpose of Document Centre C250 Fuji Xerox printer :

  1. To begin a new name-card printing business for companies
  2. To produce more variety of cards such as Thank You cards, Invitation cards for corporate clients
  3. To customize the card for each company

A Document Centre C250 Fuji Xerox Printer is a printer which is suitable for printing name cards for companies. The new printer can produce more variety of cards with different types of printed greetings such as Thank You, Congratulations, HappyBirthday, Get Well Soon and others. With the printer we can also print wedding invitation cards.

Currently without the printer, we are only producing 300 greeting cards a week whichwe sell when we have the opportunity to set up a booth at Charity Bazaars which is only held once a year, at schools, United Voice promotion events and colleges. There is a need to invest in a printer which can print name cards, wedding cards and customized greeting cards for companies to increase the productivity and profitabilityof the Employment Project.

B) Name Card Cutter

We will also need a name card cutter to produce the name cards for companies. A name card cutter can cut to size minimum 300 name cards in 1 day. At the beginning, a worker will be hired to operate the name card cutter. If the production volume is very high, we will consider hiring 3 or 4 more workers to pack the name cards and operate the manual cutter.

C) Computer and ADOBE Illustrator Program

A compatible computer with ADOBE Illustrator Program is also required to design the name cards and greeting cards. The program is essential to create designs for the cards for printing. The computer will be connected directly to the printer.

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Name Card Cost Stimulation

Estimated Calculation 1 :

1 box black & white Name Card (1 side) = RM13 Meter(0.035 × 5click=0.18)+Paper(RM0.50 × 5pcs=RM2.50)+Plastic Box(RM0.50) Total cost = RM3.18

Profit margin = RM9.80

Estimated calculation 2 :

1 box black & white Name Card (2 sided) = RM16 Meter (0.035 × 0click=0.35)+Paper(RM0.50 × 5pcs=RM2.50)+ Plastic Box (RM0.50) Total cost = RM3.35

Profit margin = RM12.7

Estimated calculation 3 :

1 box color Name Card (1 side) = RM20 Meter(0.50 × 5click=RM2.50)+Paper(RM0.50 × 5pcs=RM2.50)+Plastic Box (RM0.50) Total = RM5.50

Profit margin = RM14.5

Estimated calculation 4 :

1 box color Name Card (2 sided) = RM25 Meter(0.50 × 10click=RM5)+Paper(RM0.50 × 5pcs=RM2.50)+Plastic Box(RM0.50) Total cost = RM8

Profit margin = RM17

The following are potential clients who are interested to support us :

  1. The EDGE Communications
  2. TRANSMILE Group Bhd
  3. Agrifert (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
  4. General Electric International
  5. American Home Assurance Company
  6. World Vision
  7. Dynamic Search Sdn. Bhd.
  8. Century Logistics Holdings Bhd
  9. Jebsen & Jessen(SEA) Pte Ltd
  10. TIME dot Com Berhad
  11. Leong Yeng Kit & Co.
  12. Shelter
  13. Kim Chew Communications
  14. Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  15. KDK Fans(M) Sdn. Bhd
  16. Crystal Edge Sdn Bhd
  17. Sunway Medical Centre Berhad
  18. Suasa Efektif (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  19. Masterpiece 2000 Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
  20. PLUS Expressways Berhad

We target to produce 3000 boxes of name cards in a year (Average of 150 boxes percompany)

From estimated calculation 3 :

Total sales= 3000 × 20 = RM 60, 000
Annual Profit: RM 43,500

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